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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Final session

The final session was really great, I thought - hope you all agree! Excellent to see your data and wonderful to see us connecting larger themes with micro-analytic detail. Lots of assignment possibilities emerged during the session. I hope you began to get a feel for how rich audio/video-data can be, in terms of theory.

I'm keen to hear your overall impressions of the module: what (if anything!) did you like about it? Did you learn from it? (what was it?) Did the module inspire you to undertake your own research in the area? Did it make you rethink some of your own ideas about English or English teaching?

In addition to any comments you might make here, PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER to complete the official module evaluation forms on Blackboard - it's really important we get your feedback.

Comments very welcome!

More soon!